Are you having a good summer? I hope so. We’ve been really crazy-busy doing a whole lotta nuthin’. I mean, our days are positively packed full of absolutely nothing. And it’s wonderful.

Despicable Me 2 fun at McDonalds

The toy was from the Happy Meal and the sticker was for counting the number of Minions in the restaurant. We {heart} Minions.

The other day we did venture out with the boys to catch the movie “Despicable Me 2.” My husband had the day off, so we headed to his Favorite Restaurant of All Time: McDonald’s. (I’m addicted to their sweet tea — duh, it’s got a pound of sugar in it, so um, yeah — but that’s all it’s got going for me.) Since my husband knows and loves all when it comes to McDonald’s, he knew the current Happy Meal was a tie-in with the recent release of “Despicable Me 2.”

Hey folks, we got ourselves a themed afternoon.

The boys got a Minion toy with their meal. They did Minion-themed games on the Happy Meal box. They got a Minion activity page (there was a stack of them at the counter). Aaaaaand, we read on the activity page that if you counted all the Minions on the signs in the restaurant and told a crew member the number, you’d get a little prize. Sweet! Score a large Minion sticker.

Armed with a full belly (erp!), a sticker, a toy and visions of Minions dancing in their heads, we headed to the Marcus 20 Grand Cinema at 144th and Maple.

I’ll preface this observation with the disclaimer that we don’t often go to the movies anymore, so perhaps this is now standard, but … HAVE YOU SEEN THE SEATS AT THIS MOVIE THEATRE?

They MOVE. And I don’t mean in a rocking, creaky-creaky-creaky way. I mean in a push-a-button-and-they-electronically-slowly-beautifully-recline-and-present-a-lovely-foot-rest-sort-of-way. And they are HUGE. I could’ve smuggled in saddle bags of goodies and still had room in the seat to have a tub of popcorn, a margarita maker and a puppy. And because they RECLINE, there is no such thing as being too close to the screen. *push button* wheeeeeeee! ahhhhhhhh.

Marcus theatre Omaha seats

Ahhhhh, this is the life. Kicking back in the new seats at the Marcus 20 Grand Cinema in Omaha.

The theatre is still in the process of renovating — there is torn-up tile, scaffolding, and just as we were looking for our specific theatre a worker popped off the numbers designating the one we were looking for — but tell ya what, it’s worth stepping gingerly to be amongst the first to enjoy such butt-pleasing luxury. (Odd phrasing, but I speak the truth.)

We really hadn’t planned on taking the boys to see many movies in the theatre this summer, but since Marcus has these wonderful seats and the Kids Dream Summer Film Series, we’ll be back. Do you know about the film series? Until August 15, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 am, they show a family-friendly movie. Admission is only $2 a person and they sell a 46-ounce popcorn for $2.50 and a 14-ounce fountain drink for $2.50. Upcoming titles include “The Croods” and “Epic.”

Check their website for more titles, details and participating Marcus Theatre Omaha locations.


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